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Women’s Day special


Celebrating Women's Day with a deserving tribute to woman

From the time you are born, you are always supported by the presence of a woman. She is your mother, your sister, your friend, your wife, your daughter, your grand daughter. Your life is made easy by this strong pillar, without which it is very difficult to tread the life’s path. She is the one who gave birth to you, she is the one who becomes your life and she is the one for whom you live. She gives you strength, happiness, courage and pride amongst many others. She gives you her all, sacrifices her needs for yours and just puts in her best because you mean the world to her.

She ensures your routine is in place and for this she works relentlessly all day long, all throughout the year. It is high time we appreciate the woman in our life. For this, we are giving you the perfect opportunity to thank the woman who means the world to you.

We at SI Property feel a day in a year is not enough to show gratitude to the person we take for granted. Hence, we are having a month long celebration to celebrate the women around us. To the women out there, book a home with us and we will gift you happiness worth Rs. 1 Lakh. To the men out there, gift the woman you love one of the most beautiful homes in Trivandrum and we will help you let her choose a gift worth Rs. 1 Lakh – be it that diamond set she always wanted, the bag she was eyeing, the getaway desination she wished to escape to, the mobile she secretly longed for, a home make over she would love to do, the NGO/charitable institution she wanted to help or any other wish she had in mind!

Because, women need to be celebrated. Because, women need to be appreciated. Because, we value her. Come, join us and let us be a part of her happiness!

Give us a call on +91 9447169988/+919048660000 for more details and we would be happy to explain to you about our Women’s Day special in detail.