Importance Of Owning A Home

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August 26, 2015
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April 11, 2016

Importance Of Owning A Home


Owning A Home

Having a roof over your head is a necessity. Owning a home is a dream. A dream you start dreaming from the first time you draw a salary.

There is so much planning that goes into your dream home. You start thinking of your budget, the number of rooms, how you would do up the rooms and what not! While some tend to invest in a house as soon as they start earning, there are some who wait till they are convince that they’ve earned enough to buy their dream home. The first category is not bothered about how big or small the house is as long as they have a space of their own while the latter category is very particular about what they want. They are ready to wait for years before they zero in on their dream place but when, finally, the moment has come, they want it exactly the way they have dreamed. A midst this, there has sprung a new-gen category who are much happier as long as they have a space to live in and would rather not take the financial burden that comes with owning a home.

However, all said and done, a home is a home and when you can call it your own, it’s the best. It is not just the happiness associated with buying a home, but there are a lot more benefits when you have a place of your own.

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Buying a home


Buying a home is one of the best investment plan. It is an asset, the value of which increases considerably over time and you, in turn, accumulates wealth in the long run. There is value for the money you are spending monthly for a roof over you head as against when you are renting a house.

Tax Exemption

There is a tax exemption advantage you get when you are paying EMI for a home loan. Since rent payment does not entail any tax favour, this is a huge and attractive advantage in favor of buying a house considering that you are saving while investing.

Settled In One Place

Owning a home brings a sense of stability. While in rent, you are at the mercy of the landlord. You need to move out when he asks you to. You are not sure how long you can stay at this house because it’s someone else’s. Which also means, every now and then, there involves the tiresome tasking of shifting from one home to another, resettling yourself, doing up the house from the beginning and settling down for an unsure period of time all over again. This scenario ceases to exist when you buy a home.

A Place Set Up Your Way

It is your dream house. You build/buy it exactly the way you picture it in your mind. Once you buy it you take so much effort to set up the place. Each furniture at your house is the result of hours of planning, searching and implementing. You can do the entire house the way you want without taking permission from a third person. This, in turn brings a special attachment to the place you call your own.

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While in the short run, renting a house may seem to be a brighter prospective, you need a roof over your head as long as you live and considering the above mentioned factors, buying a house is definitely worth the money in the long run. There is no time as ideal time for buying a home. It is the time that you decide to buy a house that is the best time. So do not think more. Consider it your best investment and book your dream home at the earliest!